Headed Back to Hot Springs


So in case you haven’t already figured it out, my boys and I are packing up and moving back to Hot Springs, Arkansas in a week!

Being in Texas was great for my heart and soul after losing Chris. It gave me a chance to take a deep breath and really just lean on God without anyone knowing I lost my husband, constantly staring at me everywhere I went, seeming to be waiting for me to burst into tears and lose it. I needed to get away from the multiple times every day question of “how are you?”.

When Chris first died I hated being where we lived. Every road I drove we drove on together. Every restaurant I ate in was a place we had eaten. Everything seemed to be a torturous reminder of my loss. I needed to get away and I’m so glad that I did. It gave me time to be with my family here in Texas and to run errands without people looking at me, feeling sorry for us.

Let me say, I am so appreciative of the love and care everyone in hot springs poured out for our family, it was just a stage of grief for me where I needed to escape that part. But I found myself missing Arkansas. I traveled back constantly for one thing or the other. As time went on, my 6 month timeline here in Texas was approaching (it’s a time that God gave me when I moved.) and I was sort of freaking out, not knowing where to go next and what to do.

I prayed fervently. I begged God for guidance. I cried, I screamed, I worried. Then one day I gave it all up to the Lord and asked him to take my worries, take my fears, take my control issues and turn them into feelings of peace and open doors that I knew were His doing. And He did. Our God is so faithful to us, and His Timing is always PERFECT. He made it so evident that Hot Springs was where He needs me and the boys. I’ve never known anything more strongly in my spirit as I have His answer to where I needed to be.

I am thrilled to be coming back to a community who loves us. A community where I get to serve in my church, FirstNaz and sing for the Lord. A community who also lost Chris, who is still mourning his loss and who will still ask me how I’m doing. This stage of grief has brought me to a place where what once drove me crazy (people caring so much and asking how I was doing) now comforts me. It makes me feel less alone in my loss. It reminds me that we are all the body of Christ and we all feel the hurt for others when they are hurting.

I will miss my friends and family in Texas so much but I promise to come back and visit often. I’ve become quite the pro at the hot springs to college station road trip, haha.

And I know people will ask if I’m going back to work at KLAZ. At this point the answer is no. A morning show gives a pretty tough morning schedule and being a single parent to two toddlers doesn’t allow me the ability to leave them at 5am. For our life right now it just doesn’t make sense but I will always love my family at 105.9 KLAZ and maybe I can stop by every once in a while to be a guest and whoop Amy Hale and Doug Kramer in some games. You know I love me some competition.

As far as work I will continue to blog forDisney Baby and EXCITING NEWS!!! I am going to be blogging every week on tiffanythornton.com so y’all can keep up with my life! I’ve been overwhelmed at the beautiful response from family, friends and fans with my posts about Chris and I would love to continue reaching others for Christ through my own blog. It’s in the works so there isn’t much content up yet but I hope you’ll be a reader! Plus I have fun craft stuff and activities for kiddos, and some suuuuper yummy recipes from my kitchen!

I am also honored that I have been asked to work for Champion Christian College!! I will be an assistant dean of women and will help with recruiting, telling people how wonderful the school is, which won’t be hard because I LOOOVVEE Champion! Speaking of, if you have a kiddo who is ready for college and wants to stay in Hot Springs you gotta check out Champion!

All this to say, I can’t wait to get back to Hot Springs and start a new life there, one of service, fun and love.

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